Here are some answers to a few FAQs that will hopefully put your mind at ease about using ​Afiwemarket. If you have any further questions just post them to me at and I will reply as soon as physically possible.

We are constantly looking to improve the service so your comments and questions are valuable. Stay blessed.


Do I need to have everything ready before I can start?

No. Don't worry if you are not totally ready or are just starting up for the first time. We offer free friendly advice and will help you through the whole setting up process right through to the final advert. We can help you to organise your photos, text and advertising campaign to make sure that you get the best results and fastest start to promoting your business. Just call Karl on 0740-355-3614 for a friendly chat to discuss your individual needs or email us at for more information.


I need some photos taken, can you do them for me?

Yes of course. We can organise a time and place to get professional high quality photos taken of your products or to represent your service. You can always supply your own photos but they must be of a high standard to do your products or service justice and create a professional image to your customers. An image can say a thousand words. Just call Karl on 0740-355-3614 for a friendly chat to discuss your individual needs or email us at for more information.


Can you help with publicity material?

​​​​​​We can help you to put together an effective advertising campaign including text, photos printed materials, Logos etc. to create an original corporate image and profile for your business. Just call Karl on 0740-355-3614 for a friendly chat to discuss your individual needs or email us at for more information.


I would like to have my own website, can you help?

​​​​​ Yes. We can design, set up and host a completely separate website for your company at very competitive rates. Satisfaction guaranteed and with a quick reliable turnaround. If you already have a domain we can link to it and turn over full control to you on completion. Alternatively we can host and manage your site with your own unique domain and email addresses for a minimal fee. Contact us at for more information 0740-355-3614.


How much does it cost to advertise in Afiwemarket?

We have a range of prices starting from as little as £25 per year for classified text only ads. A full range of our yearly prices and options can be found by clicking on this link Price List. We can now offer a quick start, no cost up front, option which operates on a small percentage of sales through our PayPal scheme. (like Amazon, Etzi Etc.) Please ask for details. Just call Karl on 0740-355-3614 for a friendly chat to discuss your individual needs or email us at for more information. Easy flexible payment arragements to suit your budget and convenience. 


Can I have my own page for my business in AfiweMarket?

Yes you can. We can provide your own dedicated web page or pages inside Afiwemarket to promote your products or service designed to your specifications. No need to buy your own domain, easily updated and managed by us with links to your own phone number, email address, contact form, and PayPal buttons. Easily set up you could be online in 24 hours or less*  Please ask for details. Just call Karl on 0740-355-3614 for a friendly chat to discuss your individual needs or email us at for more information.

*Subject to complexity of page and design requirements.



What are the Benefits of an  AfiweMarket stall?

AfiweMarket is considerably cheaper than renting a stall in a conventional market. It also has the added benefits of being open for business 24/7/365 days a year and you don't have to set up and take down your stall everyday, risk damage to, or theft of your stock or stand out in the cold and rain all day to make a sale.

Will I have to pay a commission from my sales?

No. With AfiweMarket the one off yearly subscription for your stall is all you pay. we do not take any commission or percentage from your transactions. All the money goes straight to your account so you get to keep 100% of your profits.

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