Sell tickets for your events online with simple set-up flexible design and low cost.

Afiwe Ticketing Service

  • Afiwe Ticketing Servce allows you to take bookings and recieve payments securely online and straight into your PayPal account. 

    There are 2 available options.

    Option 1 is free to set up but AfiweMarket applies a £1 booking fee to customers ticket price when they book.

    Option 2 There is no Booking fee added to the customers ticket price but you the organiser pays a one off setting up fee of £100 and all proceeds from ticket sales goes directly to your PayPal account with no commissions to pay regardless of the amount of tickets sold.

To advertise your products or services on AfiweMarket Sign up your contact details or call 0740-355-3614 Now!

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